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Deep List

Cutoff for B100M is: 11.25
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
10.45Ryan DierenfieldBillings Skyview (AA)11 Eastern AA Divisional
10.72Hudson LembkeMissoula Sentinel (AA)12 Russ Plicher Western Top 10
10.83Kash GoicoecheaGlacier (AA)12 Russ Plicher Western Top 10
10.87Jackson TarverGreat Falls CMR (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
10.91Ben BlivenFlathead (AA)11 Flathead-Great Falls Dual
10.94Caleb ConverBillings West (AA)11 Billings Invite
10.94Ryan LaMereBillings Senior (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
10.98Osker PattersonGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)12 Gallatin-CMR Dual
10.99Brody ThornsberryFlathead (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
11.03Evan BarnesGlacier (AA)12 Western AA Divisional
11.08Jacob DolezalFlathead (AA)12 Russ Plicher Western Top 10
11.11Oak SullivanBozeman (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
11.11Cooper NelsonHelena Capital (AA)11 Western AA Divisional
11.12Drew AlmquistHelena Capital (AA)Russ Plicher Western Top 10
11.15Ryan NanselGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
11.16Lucas KadillakBozeman (AA)11 Eastern AA Divisional
11.16Rueso BattermanButte (AA)12 Butte-Glacier Dual
11.17Gavin MowHelena Capital (AA)11 Capital-Butte Dual
11.19Ryder EnglishGreat Falls (AA)12 Great Falls Triangular
11.21McKalester JohnsBillings West (AA)12 Eastern AA Divisional
11.21Jacob PaughMissoula Big Sky (AA)12 Big Sky Triangular 4/9
11.22Cole ZeiglerMissoula Hellgate (AA)11 Archie Roe Invitational
11.23Nash ColeyGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)12 Bozeman Crosstown
11.23Pacer LybbertHelena (AA)10 Big Sky Triangular 4/9
11.24Calvin PaczkowskiBillings West (AA)10 Billings City Meet
11.25Carter DahlkeGallatin (Bozeman) (AA)10 Gallatin-CMR Dual