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Deep List

Cutoff for B100M is: 11.25
*** Athletes may be added outside the cutoff toward the end of the year to have 6+ in each class.
10.99Damien NelsonGreat Falls CMR (AA)10Swede Dahlberg Invitational
11.02John TolentinoHelena (AA)12Swede Dahlberg Invitational
11.04Ryan ArntsonHelena (AA)11Swede Dahlberg Invitational
11.06Gabe SulserBillings Senior (AA)10Billings Invitational
11.08Bobby LowryFlathead (AA)10Swede Dahlberg Invitational
11.10Nick VanHorssenHelena (AA)12Swede Dahlberg Invitational
11.10Kelly MurnionGarfield County/Jordan (C)12Sidney Invitational
11.19Remington HjelvikBillings West (AA)12Swede Dahlberg Invitational
11.22Giovanni CalleroHelena Capital (AA)12Swede Dahlberg Invitational
11.25Michael DelaneyCharlo (C)12Sapphire Twilight Meet
11.26Brenden AchesonBillings Skyview (AA)12Billings Skyview Triangular 4/2
11.27Danny BurtonHelena Capital (AA)12Swede Dahlberg Invitational
11.28Nick WakaiMissoula Big Sky (AA)11Swede Dahlberg Invitational
11.30Cleet WrzesinskiEnnis (C)11Butte Invitational
11.30Benji PhillipsGlasgow (B)11Cal Wearley Memorial
11.31Haiden CollinsFergus/Lewistown (A)11Gallatin Valley Invitational
11.35Lane SumnerHuntley Project (B)10Billings Invitational
11.35Mike LoftusHavre (A)11Cal Wearley Memorial