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Meet: Great Falls City Meet

Date: 2011-05-12

The Great Falls High boys' team raced to a second consecutive city track and field championship on a warm, sunny day Thursday at Memorial Stadium.

The C.M. Russell High girls, meanwhile, regained city bragging rights after seeing a six-year winning streak snapped last year.

Great Falls dominated the boys' action on the track, winning eight of the 10 events en route to an 86-59 victory. Jake Olson won both the 100 and 200 meters and anchored the Bison's victorious 400 relay team, and Ben Vaughan earned convincing wins in both the 800 and 1,600 and ran a leg on the first-place 1,600 relay team.

Five of CMR's seven wins came in the field. Cody Clausen took top honors in both the discus and javelin.

The CMR girls used a balanced effort, winning seven track events and four in the field to come away with an 80-65 victory. Nine Rustlers earned a win in individual competition, Sara Mauseth leading the way with first-place efforts in the 1,600 and the high jump.

Great Falls had three wins on the track and three in the field. Caitlyn Cayer got off winning throws in both the shot put and discus.

"Everyone did their part. No one was lazy or slacking," Vaughan said. "Everyone showed up to compete. The coaches got us ready."

Temperatures in the mid-70s gave the Bison a big boost, the talented senior added. "It was nice, a nice change. No wind, sunny and nice. It was a great day to run."

Head coach Dan Brady was feeling pretty good as GFH swept the meet's final races, the 1,600-meter relays.

"The boys did a good job. They competed like we expected them to," he said. "And the girls did a good job. They competed hard."

"We had a great day on the track," said Brady, referring to the boys' team. "Jake (Olson) had a good day, the 100 and 200 both. He got after it.

"And Ben (Vaughan) had another good day."

Olson led GFH sweeps of both the 100 and 200, worth 18 points. He won the 100 in 11.11 seconds and took the 200 in 24.0, 14 hundredths of a second ahead of senior teammate Dakotah Kingfisher.

Olson, Kingfisher, Trevor Bolton and Matt Schmitz combined for a state best of 43.04 in the 400 relay, defeating CMR by 1.20 seconds.

The GFH team of Schmitz, Vaughan, Kingfisher and Stevie Paul won the 1,600 relay in 3:36.52, almost 1 1/2 seconds faster than the Rustlers.

Vaughan won the 800 in 2:00.18, more than eight seconds faster than the runner-up, teammate Jacob Strauss. "I've been trying to get under two (minutes) for awhile, but I can't do it by myself," he said, explaining that he needs someone to push him. "The home crowd helps, though."

Vaughan also dominated the 1,600, running a 4:25.7 to finish almost nine seconds ahead of Will Strauss.

Great Falls also got track victories from Kingfisher (400) and Chance Edwards (300 hurdles).

The highlight for the Bison in the field was Schmitz's winning pole vault of 13 feet, 6 inches, a career best.

Micheaun Biggle added a victory in the long jump.

Speedy sophomore Anna Weber won the girls' 100-meter dash in 13.03 seconds, leading a CMR sweep of that race. Her twin sister, McKenzie, was second in 13.15, 12 hundredths of a second ahead of Amber Gettis.

The Webers teamed with Gettis and Jahzmine Williams to win the 400 relay with a time of 49.95.

Anna Weber was pleased with the effort of the entire team, but singled out Williams, who won the 200 meters in 26.19, 16 hundredths of a second ahead of Anna and 59 hundredths faster than McKenzie. "Jazhmine in the 200, that was amazing!" she said. "She's a strong runner. She scored some big points for us."

She added, "All together our sprints were good, but everyone did really good. It was a good, all-around day for us. I'm really happy with it."

The beautiful weather helped bring out the best in the Rustlers, Weber said. "It was kind of hot in the beginning, but it evened out and was good."

Mauseth won the 1,600 in 6:00.09 and took the high jump title with a leap of 4-11. Teammate Darby Semenza cleared the same height, but Mauseth won on the basis of fewer misses.

Semenza, a promising freshman, placed first in the pole vault.

"We had a good day in the field. That really helped," CMR coach Scott Hartman said. "We knew we had to get the upper hand in the jumps."

The Rustlers also got wins from McKenzie Weber (long jump), Darrian McManious (400), Danielle Chibroski (3,200), Alli Sexe (300 hurdles) and Alanna Whitehorn (javelin).

Cayer led GFH sweeps of the girls' discus and shot put. She won discus with a toss of 107-0, more than five feet farther than the runner-up, Darbi Fought, and took the shot with a heave of 32-11 1/2, almost two feet better than Teryn Brown.

The Bison also got wins from Emily Boes (800), Callee Remsen (100 hurdles) and MaryGlen Vielleux (triple jump). Remsen had a state meet qualifying time of 16.2 in the 100 hurdles.

Boes, Lauren Smith, Mikaela Schultz and Rachel Stewart combined for a victory in the 1,600 relay.

"I'm pleased with our boys," Hartman said. "We scrapped for a bunch of points, particularly in the field."

Clausen won the discus with a toss of 139-6, more than 13 feet farther than the runner-up, Kyler Nathe of GFH. His first-place heave of 168-6 in the javelin beat the second-place finisher, teammate Zach McKinley, by more than 22 feet.

Joey Lehotsky took the shot put title with a toss of 41-8, leading a 1-2 finish by the Rustlers.

Kurtis Parsons cleared 6-3 to win the high jump and Sabin Vaira sailed 41 feet, 2 1/4 inches to win the triple jump.

The GFH and CMR teams now begin final preparations for the Eastern AA divisional meet that runs May 20-21 in Bozeman. (Great Falls Tribune, May 13, 2011)


C.M. Russell High 80, Great Falls High 65

100 — 1. Weber, Anna, Great Falls, 13.03. 2, Weber, McKenzie, CMR, 13.15. 3, Gettis, Amber, CMR, 13.27.

200 — 1. Williams, Jahzmine, CMR, 26.19. 2, Weber, Anna, CMR, 26.35. 3, Weber, McKenzie, CMR, 26.80.

400 — 1. McManious, Darrian, CMR, 1:00.77. 2, Stewart, Rachel, Great Falls, 1:05.49. 3, Murphy, Brynn, CMR, 1:06.53.

800 — 1. Boes, Emily, Great Falls, 2:29.57. 2, Rembe, Madi, CMR, 2:34.38. 3, Mauseth, Sara, CMR, 2:47.74.

1,600 — 1. Mauseth, Sara, CMR, 6:00.69. 2, Chibroski, Danielle, CMR, 6:03.32. 3, Fuhrmann, Tia, Great Falls, 6:15.62.

3,200 — 1. Chibroski, Danielle, CMR, 13:26.65. 2, Fuhrmann, Tia, Great Falls, 14:13.99. 3, Russell, Bekka, CMR, 14:38.00.

100 hurdles — 1. Remsen, Callee, Great Falls, 16.29. 2, Brady, Bailey, Great Falls, 16.72. 3, Sexe, Alli, CMR, 16.85.

300 hurdles — 1. Sexe, Alli, CMR, 49.63. 2, Remsen, Callee, Great Falls, 51.02. 3, Brady, Bailey, Great Falls, 51.63.

400 relay — 1. CMR 'A' (Gettis, Amber, Williams, Jahzmine, Weber, McKenzie, Weber,Anna), 49.95. 2, Great Falls 'A' 53.00.

1,600 relay — 1. Great Falls 'A' (Smith, Lauren, Boes, Emily, Schultz, Mikaela, Stewart, Rachel), 4:17.87. 2, CMR 'A' 4:24.84.

High jump — 1. Mauseth, Sara, CMR, 4-11. 2, Semenza, Darby, CMR, 4-11. 3, Romsa, Macaulea, Great Falls, 4-09.

Pole vault — 1. Semenza, Darby, CMR, 9-0. 2, Brady, Bailey, Great Falls, 9-0. 3, Prosser, Kailey, GFH, 8-6.

Long jump — 1. Weber, McKenzie, CMR, 15-5.25. 2, Semenza, Darby, CMR, 15-3.75. 3, Smith, Lauren, Great Falls, 14-10.50.

Triple Jump — 1. Vielleux, MaryGlen, Great Falls, 33-01. 2, Schultz, Mikaela, Great Falls, 30-9.50. 3, McManious, Darrian, CMR, 30-6.

Shot put — 1. Cayer, Caitlyn, Great Falls, 32-11.50. 2, Brown, Teryn, Great Falls, 30-3. 3, Sinclair, Maddie, Great Falls, 29-11.50.

Discus — 1. Cayer, Caitlyn, Great Falls, 107-0. 2, Morgan, Melissa, GFH, 101-9. 3, Sinclair, Maddie, Great Falls, 98-2.

Javelin — 1. Whitehorn, Alanna, CMR, 90-4. 2, Fought, Darbi, GFH, 80-3. 3, Smith, Alysia, GFH, 80-0.


Great Falls High 86, C.M. Russell High 59

100 — 1. Olson, Jake, Great Falls, 11.11. 2, Kingfisher, Dakotah, Great Falls, 11.25. 3, Bolton, Trevor, Great Falls, 11.43.

200 — 1. Olson, Jake, Great Falls, 24.00. 2, Kingfisher, Dakotah, Great Falls, 24.14. 3, Bolton, Trevor, Great Falls, 24.68.

400 — 1. Kingfisher, Dakotah, Great Falls, 51.63. 2, Collins, Isaiah, CMR, 53.81. 3, Paul, Stevie, Great Falls, 54.07.

800 — 1. Vaughan, Ben, Great Falls, 2:00.18. 2, Strauss, Jacob, Great Falls, 2:08.49. 3, Duffy, Aaron, CMR, 2:08.76.

1600 — 1. Vaughan, Ben, Great Falls, 4:25.47. 2, Strauss, Will, Great Falls, 4:31.94. 3, Rayl, Patrick, CMR, 4:42.92.

3200 — 1. Rayl, Patrick, CMR, 10:20.04. 2, Strauss, Will, Great Falls, 10:28.98. 3, Cartwright, Joel, CMR, 10:38.10.

110 Hurdles — 1. Storm, Mason, CMR, 17.05. 2, Edwards, Chance, Great Falls, 17.24. 3, Horton, Jake, CMR, 17.33.

300 Hurdles— 1. Edwards, Chance, Great Falls, 42.78. 2, Clark, Bryce, Great Falls, 44.07. 3, Storm, Mason, CMR, 44.08.

400 relay — 1. Great Falls 'A' (Bolton, Trevor, Schmitz, Matt, Kingfisher, Dakotah, Olson, Jake), 43.04. 2, CMR 'A' 44.24.

1600 relay — 1. Great Falls 'A' (Schmitz, Matt, Vaughan, Ben, Paul, Stevie, Kingfisher, Dakotah), 3:36.52. 2, CMR 'A' 3:38.01.

High jump — 1. Parsons, Kurtis, CMR, 6-3. 2, Storm, Mason, CMR, 5-11. 3, Clausen, Cody, CMR, 5-07.

Pole vault — 1. Schmitz, Matt, Great Falls, 13-6. 2, Vaira, Sabin, CMR, 12-0. 3, Spearman, Josh, Great Falls, 11-6.

Long Jump — 1. Biggle, Micheaun, Great Falls, 19-00.25. 2, Anderson, Ethan, Great Falls, 18-10.50. 3, Haman, Shayne, Great Falls, 18-7.25.

Triple Jump — 1. Vaira, Sabin, CMR, 41-2.25. 2, Winters, Zane, Great Falls, 39-9. 3, Collins, Isaiah, CMR, 39-8.50.

Discus — 1. Clausen, Cody, CMR, 139-6. 2, Nathe, Kyler, Great Falls, 126-4. 3, Kangas, Taylon, CMR, 123-0. 4,

Javelin — 1. Clausen, Cody, CMR, 168-06. 2, McKinley, Zach, CMR, 144-01. 3, Mahoney, Dylan, CMR, 142-11.

Shot put — 1, Joey Lehotsky, CMR, 41-8; 2. Alex Thomas, CMR, 41-5 1/4; 3. Lane Urick, XXXXX, 41-5.