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Meet: Bozeman-Capital Dual

Date: 2011-04-13
BOZEMAN — Outdoor practice, depending on whom you asked, was between four and seven days long.

Two meets were previously nixed.

Bozeman was also running, jumping and throwing against just one other team on Tuesday.

Still, head coach Dave Brekke and members of his team were happy when the dual meet with Helena Capital came to a close at sunny Van Winkle Stadium.

"I'm very impressed with what I saw as far as everyone else competing," senior distance runner Heidi Turner said. "We didn't really know what to expect.

"It was very impressive, especially the younger girls and boys."

"It definitely gets the ‘pre-game jitters' out of the way," senior thrower and runner Justin Pierson said. "It allows you to get your form down and have fun."

Bozeman's boys won their share of the meet, 98-46. The Hawk girls were victorious by a 74-71 count.

Pierson led a 1-2-3 finish in the shot put, with a throw of 49 feet, 6 inches. Classmates Dominic Tangaro and Levi Nagel were right behind him.

Pierson teamed with Tristan Polen, Dylan Radovich and Mark Raymond to win the 400-meter relay, anchoring the team to a first-place time of 43.61 seconds.

Heath Hunter won the 100, just .09 seconds ahead of Pierson

"We're all returning from last year, so we're good and know what we're capable of," Hunter said. "It's always good to start with a dual meet.

"It's a good way to know where you're at and what you need to work on."

Tanner Roderick won the long jump and the high jump, and Kevin Close won the 200 dash, 400 dash and triple jump.

Turner won the 800 as Bozeman's girls distance corps went 1-2-3 in the 800 and 1,600 runs. Freshman Andie Creel won the 1,600 and 3,200.

Another double-winner for the Hawk girls was Rachel Schlender, who high jumped 5-foot-2 and long-jumped 16-feet-2.

"I've been working hard," Schlender said. "It's good to see it's paying off at the beginning of the year.

"The girls did really well today, and its fun to see where some of us are starting since it's the beginning of the year. Some of our standards are pretty high right now, and that's good to see."

The Bozeman boys distance team went 1-2 in the 800 (John Steinbacher and Ben Rich), 1-2-3 in the 1,600 (Preston Franck, Colter May and Ben Dickensheets) and 1-3 (May, Franck) in the 3,200.

Franck and May finished in a tie for first in the 1,600, in a time of 4:41.45.

"Everything went smooth," Brekke said. "We got a lot of good performances, some real good surprises.

"It gives us a good jumping-off point. Now we know where we need to work."

The Hawks participate in the Billings Invitational on Saturday.

Gidal Kaiser can be reached a and 582-2670. (Bozeman Chronicle, April 13, 2011)


Bozeman 98, Helena Capital 46

100 -- Heath Hunter, Boz, 11.39; Justin Pierson, Boz, 11.48; Gunnar Brekke, Cap, 11.61; Austin Sprenger, Boz, 11.73; Payton Blood, Cap, 11.98.

200 -- Kevin Close, Boz, 23.09; Jacob Grover, Cap, 23.83; Kyle Sibary, Boz, 24.18; Payton Blood, Cap, 24.62; Nate Johnson, Boz, 26.37.

400 -- Kevin Close, Boz, 51.23; Dylan Radovich, Boz, 56.47; Sherwood Nickol, Cap, 56.74; Nate Johnson, Boz, 57.13.

800 -- John Steinbacher, Boz, 2:07.17; Ben Rich, Boz, 2:10.32; Duncan Ellis, Cap, 2:11.68.

1,600 -- Preson Franck, Boz, 4:41.45; Colter May, Boz, 4:41.45; Ben Dickensheets, Boz, 4:44.66.

3,200 -- Colter May, Boz, 10:14.76; Colt Smith, Cap, 10:14.78; Preston Franck, Boz, 10:24.13; Hunter May, Boz, 10:45.54; Adam Wollant, Boz, 10:57.76.

110 hurdles -- Beau Berg, Cap, 15.59; Evan Albertson, Boz, 16.28; Quinn Chamberlain, Cap, 16.35; Brian Sinrud, Cap, 16.65; Levi Dawes, Cap, 17.20.

300 hurdles -- Quinn Chamberlain, Cap, 42.45; Brian Sinrud, Cap, 43.24; Hunter Morrical, Boz, 43.58; Evan Albertson, Boz, 44.69; AJ Wilson, Cap, 45.25.

4x100 relay -- Boz 'A' 43.61; Cap 'A' 46.99.

4x400 relay -- Cap 'A' 3:42.85; Boz, 'A' DQ.

High jump -- Tanner Roderick, Boz, 5-10.00; Nicholas Beauchaine, Boz, 5-08.00; Quinn Chamberlain, Cap, 5-08.00; Brady Kimball, Cap, 5-08.00.

Pole vault -- Austin Sprenger, Boz, 13-00.00; Dominick Speranza, Cap, 12-00.00.

Long jump -- Tanner Roderick, Boz, 20-11.25; Austin Sprenger, Boz, 20-02.25; Nicholas Beauchaine, Boz, 20-02.25.

Triple jump -- Kevin Close, Boz, 43-06.75; Kyler Callahan, Boz, 39-07.00; Carsten Kirby, Boz, 38-07.00.

Shot put -- Justin Pierson, Boz, 49-06.00; Anthony Tangaro, Boz, 45-03.00; Levi Nagel, Boz, 43-05.25; Zach Smith, Cap, 43-04.00; Coltan Pipinich, Cap, 40-03.00.

Discus -- Coltan Pipinich, Cap, 147-08; Anthony Tangaro, Boz, 128-06; Tristan Anacker, Boz, 123-03.50; Zach Smith, Cap, 118-07; Riley Fisher, Boz, 107-08.

Javelin -- Dillon Ecord, Cap, 169-03; Trey Spirlin, Cap, 163-09; Caleb Kidder, Cap, 147-00.


Bozeman 74, Helena Capital 71

100 -- Maggie Rickman, Cap., 13.10; Katelyn Megargel, Boz., 13.24; Kalei Scholl, Cap., 13.33; Samantha Thomas, Boz., 13.68; Kaitlyn Todd, Boz., 13.93.

200 -- Maggie Rickman, Cap., 27.38; Samantha Thomas, Boz., 28.70; Kalei Scholl, Cap., 28.81; Morgan D’Agostino, Boz., 29.28; Maggie Hickman, Boz., 30.28.

400 -- Marisa Sanchez, Cap., 1:04.24; Candice Gauthier, Cap., 1:07.81; Tess Christian, Boz., 1:08.54; Ashlin Deaton, Cap., 1:09.13; Jesse Darlington, Cap., 1:09.21.

800 -- Heidi Turner, Boz., 2:22.14; Katie Keith, Boz., 2:35.78; Hannah Turner, Boz., 2:39.19; Marisa Sanchez, Cap., 2:40.99; Matlyn Mailey, Boz., 2:42.07.

1600 -- Andie Creel, Boz., 5:37.65; Katie Keith, Boz., 5:38.88; Matlyn Mailey, Boz., 5:44.52; Nicole Allen, Boz., 5:45.45; Brigid Bradshaw, Boz., 5:52.63.

3200 -- Andie Creel, Boz., 12:33.17; Katherine Stephens, Boz., 12:42.92; Marynell Dwyer, Cap., 13:05.50.

100 hurdles -- Tori Nickol, Cap., 16.88; Sarah Schlender, Boz., 18.36; Sara Diteman, Boz., 18.82; Whitney Rau, Cap., 19.29; Leeza Dubois, Boz., 19.44.

300 hurdles -- Tori Nickol, Cap., 50.37; Sara Diteman, Boz., 53.72; Leeza Dubois, Boz., 54.47; Libby Kasmer, Boz., 54.91; Whitney Rau, Cap., 57.64.

4x100 relay -- Helena Capital 'A' 52.05; Bozeman High 'A' 52.50.

4x400 relay -- Bozeman High 'A' 4:18.23; Helena Capital 'A' 4:32.25.

High jump -- Rachel Schlender, Boz., 5-02.00; Tori Nickol, Cap., 4-10.00; Mary Leslie, Cap., 4-08.00; Madisen Hueter, Boz., 4-06.00.

Pole vault -- Katie Suisse, Boz., 9-06.00; Kaitlyn Callahan, Boz., 8-06.00; Emily Burk, Cap., 7-06.00.

Long jump -- Rachel Schlender, Boz., 16-02.00; Katie Suisse, Boz., 15-03.00; Maggie Rickman, Cap., 14-11.25; Lindsey Manning, Boz., 14-07.75; Kelci Jacoby, Cap., 14-02.25.

Triple jump -- Elena Rickman, Cap., 32-02.50; Marisa Sanchez, Cap., 30-07.25; Krsitina Rickman, Cap., 29-08.50.

Shot put -- Taylor Corne, Cap., 36-09.25; Allie Keleti, Cap., 35-05.00; Kaci Matthies, Cap., 31-00.00; Jordan Parker, Boz., 30-10.00.

Discus -- Taylor Corne, Cap., 107-10; Jordan Parker, Boz., 101-10; Meghan Costle, Boz., 94-09; Cally Stanek, Boz., 85-08; Katya Peterson, Cap., 78-10.

Javelin -- Kaci Matthies, Cap., 116-01; Meghan Costle, Boz., 97-10; Emily Burk, Cap., 96-07; Elle Morrical, Boz., 95-08.