Frequently Asked Questions

What is a deep list?

Track performances from all high school track meets in Montana are compiled. All performances that meet or exceed the cutoff standards are added to the deep list. Performances that are not on the list can be emailed directly to Brad Benjamin at or our lead volunteer Jeff at Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the deep list page to move from event to event. Male performances are denoted with a (B) and female performances are denoted with a (G).

The goal of the deep list is to contain the top 50 performances for each event for each year. These deep lists are used as motivation for many athletes in Montana but are also used by many college coaches for recruiting purposes.

Specific Excel files for each year can be downloaded within the following directory. Performances can be searched and sorted very easily within Microsoft Excel.

Why are the times rounded?

The correct way to record times is to round all hand times up to the nearest tenth. For example if two sprinters run 11.01 and 11.09 they both should receive the time 11.1. Often times officials do not understand this rule and so they will include times with hundredths in the newspaper.

If automatic timing is used I will include the hundredths in the results. I have also added a .24 hand time conversion. This is the accepted value of how long it takes a timer to see the smoke of the gun and actually push the button on the stopwatch.

How do I use the message board?

The message board is one of the most exciting aspects of the website. Athletes, coaches, and fans from around the world participate in a daily (and sometimes nightly) discusssion of track and field.

Anyone may read the postings but you will have to REGISTER to add your own comments to the discussion. Please try to keep the discussion on topic and avoid personal attacks. The chat room is a place for topics that have nothing to do with track and or cross country. Members who abuse the message board will be permanently banned.

How often do you update the deep lists?

I try to update the deep lists each Sunday. If a performance has missed two Sunday updates I have probably missed the performance. Email the missing performance to me and I will try to get it added.

How do I submit performances for inclusion on the deep lists?

Email missing performances to me at As long as the performances occurred during a scored meet I will add them to the lists.

How are state records set?

State records must be set in the actual state meet. This insures that all times and measures are accurate and that wind is not a factor.

Do you have the schedule for the state/divisional/district meet?

Schedules for the state meet can be found at the MHSA website. Schedules for the other meets must be obtained from team coaches or athletic directors. You can also post questions to the

How can I support

You can support the website most easily by becoming an active participant. Read or participate in the discussions on the message board. Email missing perfomances, meets and, years in school to Send in your best digital pictures. The website is much easier to maintain with constant feedback from all of you.

Share the web address with all track athletes, fans, and coaches that you know. Talk to other fans at track meets and make sure you mention the site. Last spring we had nearly 1000 people access the website during one day.

You may send donations directly to the address below. All donations will be used to maintain and improve the website.

Brad Benjamin
104 S Yellowstone Ave Apt. 2
Bozeman, MT 59718

You may also donate money directly to the website using the Paypal Make a Donation button below. Paypal accepts all major credit cards and is a convenient and safe way to send money on the Internet.